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Integration with Asset Merger

Asset Merger exports the various APIs so they can be used by external tools.
By using this, you can leave complex animation merging to Asset Merger, and work without straying from your main task.

How to use

  1. In the Assembly Definition File, add AssetMerger.asmdef to a references
  2. Reload your IDEs
  3. Start Coding

API Examples


In the following three examples, a new object is created and the values are merged into it, but it is also possible to merge into the original object.

Merge Animator Controllers

var controllers = new AnimatorController[]; // replace to array of animator controllers

var controller = new AnimatorController(); // first, create a new animator controller
AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(controller, "/path/to/animator-controller.anim"); // second, save it

controller.MergeControllers(controllers); // merge all controllers to controller

AssetDatabase.SaveAssets(); // finally, save it

Merge Expression Parameters

var parameters = new VRCExpressionParameters[]; // replace to array of expression parameters

var parameter = CreateInstance<VRCExpressionParameters>(); // first, create a new parameter
parameter.InitExpressionParameters(true); // initialize parameters with populate default params

parameter.MergeParameters(parameters); // merge all parameters to parameter

AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(parameter, "/path/to/parameters.asset"); // finally, save it

Merge Expressions Menus

var expressions = new VRCExpressionsMenu[]; // replace to array of expressions menus

var expr = CreateInstance<VRCExpressionsMenu>();  // first, create a new parameter

expr.MergeExpressions(expressions); // merge all expressions to expr

AssetDatabase.CreateAsset(expr, "/path/to/expressions.asset"); // finally, save it

Expression Parameters

In addition to the above, ExpressionParametersExtension also provides the following APIs:

Checks if the parameter already exists

var expr = CreateInstance<VRCExpressionParameters>();

expr.HasParameter("VRCEmote"); // => true
expr.HasParameter("IsLocal");  // => false

Add a new parameter

var expr = CreateInstance<VRCExpressionParameters>();
var parameter = new VRCExpressionParameters.Parameter
    name = "EnableCostume",
    valueType = VRCExpressionParameters.ValueType.Bool,
    defaultValue = false,
    saved = true,


Last update: May 9, 2021 12:44:03