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If you have any of the following problems, please contact me at the Twitter or GitHub.

  • description/documentation is wrong
  • descriptions are difficult to understand
  • invalid link
  • and others...

Contact Address

if you have any problems, requests, or need technical explanations, please contact me at the following address

  • Twitter (Replies or Direct Messages)
  • GitHub (Issues or Pull Requests)
  • Discord Server (Comment to Server Channels)
  • Discord natsuneko#7225 (Direct Messages)

Tip Address

If you would like to tip me, please send Ether or some kinds of ERC20 tokens to the below Ethereum address.

  • Ethereum : 0xc925668e7431d4635dc9670c934a19c2206b2819

or send other cryptocurrencies.

  • Bitcoin : 3AC1JG5ANufsQxH93DoCCpgf8EPhtkNYh8

Last update: May 9, 2021 12:44:03